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Spanish Owls

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One of the founders of Owls Daycare is from Spain, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and learning a language increases mental capacity, so it only makes sense to offer Spanish lessons to all of the children at Owls.

Early years are the best time for learning a second language. There is no doubt that the young and inquisitive mind of a child can easily pick up new sounds and identify patterns, making it easy for them to absorb another language.

Photo of  colorful drawing_ Spanish word

The benefits of being exposed to a new language are extensive, and include:

  • encouraging and stimulating cognitive development

  • improving memory

  • strengthening listening, speaking and problem solving skills

  • thinking critically, creatively and visually

  • boosting the ability to concentrate

We have designed a comprehensive range of activities that incorporate the Spanish language to maximise the chances of your child establishing a foundation for understanding and speaking the language. Every day we will explore the Spanish vocabulary through songs, stories and practical activities.

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