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About Owls

Welcome to Owls Daycare, where we blend the wonder of science with the EYFS foundation, nurturing each child's innate curiosity to foster lifelong learners and confident explorers. Our ethos is simple: ignite passion, inspire growth.

At the heart of Owls Daycare is a mission to kindle an insatiable love for learning. We see the early years as a pivotal time to guide a child's trajectory, leveraging their natural curiosity as the driving force behind their progress.


Having previously ignited the scientific spark in thousands through the Little Scientists Club, we envisioned a unique and accessible daycare experience. Here, young minds not only delve into the EYFS curriculum but also embark on exciting journeys through the realm of science.


In the words of Albert Einstein, “The most important thing is not to stop questioning.” This quote embodies our approach to education, equipping young minds with the skills and the zeal to embrace challenges and thrive.


Behind Owls Daycare stands a founder with a rich tapestry of experience — a decade in private nursery education and years shaping young minds at the Little Scientists Club. This wealth of expertise and observation culminates in our distinctive, experience-driven curriculum for our future leaders.

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