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Little Scientists Club

Science at Owls

Inspiring scientific curiosity™ through Little Scientists Club programme.

We know scientific exploration at a young age stimulates learning in the crucial stages of your child’s cognitive development. At Owls Daycare we intend for every child to be given the opportunity to experience and marvel at the phenomena of science. 

To this end, all children attending Owls Daycare will take part in weekly Little Scientists Club sessions.

These sessions will enable your child to experience the natural wonders of science through fun, practical and educational activities and experiments.

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The Little Scientists Club programme will introduce your child to the three branches of science; biology, chemistry and physics. Your child will learn about basic scientific concepts and principles which will help establish and strengthen the foundation of their academic progress in science.


Fun and practical

Every session is packed full of exciting and hands on activities



All activities encourage 

independent learning



All activities align with the themes in the EYFS



All activities create a space for fascination and wonder

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